Feature FieldTask WebForms Versions
Charts yes no  
last-saved value retrieval yes no  
launch a survey from within a survey yes no  
Multi-language yes yes  
works offline yes yes  
audit (timing; location per question; question changes) yes no  
image questions yes yes  
video questions yes yes  
audio questions yes yes  
Read and record barcode and QR codes yes no  
Read and record NFC chip identifiers yes no  
Read and match finger prints yes no SmapServer 23.01
Background Audio Recording yes no FieldTask 6.300 - SmapServer 21.03
Getting choices from a repeat yes yes SmapServer 21.04
Matrix layout of questions no yes  


Feature Versions
Data is stored in PostGIS; a PostgreSQL database with geospatial extensions  
Point; Line and Area type location data can be collected  
Specify custom base maps when visualising location data on the server  


Feature Versions
Data is stored in a PostgreSQL relational database  
An internal dashboard is included which easily allows the creation of table; map; chart and image views of data. This is particularly useful for doing quality assurance and gaining quick insights into the data without requiring the effort and expense to setup a full featured BI tool  
Integration with external dashboards such as PowerBI and Tableau using the data API. example live dashboard  
Embedding of AWS Quicksight dashboards within the server. This allows you to use the Smap Server to authenticate users and control access to the dashbaord  

Case Management

Feature Versions
Email tasks that can be completed by people who do not have an account on the system and are instead identified by their email address  
Notification Messages  
Manage work using the console  
Audit trail of all changes  
Automatic labelling of images; translation of text and transcription of audio  
Automatically escalate cases if they have not been addressed in a specified time or based on the data v20.06