Shared Resources

To get to shared resources select the Admin module and then Shared Resources.

Shared resources are made available to all surveys in an organisation. They conist of:

  • Images, Video, Audio that can be included in questions and choices
  • CSV files that contain reference data accessed using the search() function and the pulldata() function
  • Maps used on the server for analysis
  • Locations

Media / CSV Files

Images, video, audio and CSV files loaded here can be used by any survey.


Maps from Mapbox can be used as the basemap for a map view on the analysis page or the console map. These maps can be one of the standard maps:

  • mapbox/light-v10
  • mapbox/dark-v10
  • mapbox/streets-v11
  • mapbox/outdoors-v11
  • mapbox/satellite-streets-v11

Alternatively you can design your own maps that are customised to your requirements using the Mapbox Studio. You will need you own account on Mapbox to design your own maps and you will need to set the key for that mapbox account in your organisation settings.

To add a shared map click on the "Add Map" button and then fill in the dialog shown below. For the Map Id you can use one of the standard mapbox Id's listed above.

Dialog for adding a shared map

Add Map Dialog


Select the Location tab.



Locations identify where a task should take place. They consist of GPS Coordinates and/or the ID of an NFC chip that will launch the task. The use of NFC chips allows a much greater precision in identify the task location as the NFC chip may be on a particular peice of equipment that needs to be maintained or control access to a room where the survey needs to take place.

When Editing / Adding Tasks you can select a named location rather than specifying the GPS coordinates / NFC chip. However you can also create new named locations while adding tasks.

Locations are stored in Groups which are defined in a spreadsheet. One group per worksheet.

Editing / Adding Groups

Click the download button. This will download all the groups of locations into a spreadsheet. If there are no existing locations then this spreadsheet will have a single default worksheet called Group. The headings are:

UID - Enter the ID of the NFC chip here
name - name of the location
lat - Latitude of the location
lon - longitude of the location

Rename the group worksheet. Add additional groups if required. Add locations to these groups and then to upload and replace the existing locations:

  1. Click on Add Files
  2. Click on Upload