Organisations are managed on one of the tabs of the users page. To get to it select the menus; Modules then Admin then Users then the Organisations tab.


You will need organisational administration privilege to see this page.


Click on the name of the organisation. This will open a dialog to edit the settings.

  1. Organisation Details. This is name and address details that can be automatically added to generated PDFs.
  2. Email options. Sets up the email proxy server that this organisation will use.
  3. Appearance
    • Set the Banner logo for webforms
    • Set the image for the home page
    • Set the menu bar color
  4. Other
    • Allow results to be edited on the server
    • Allow sending of tasks to email addresses
    • Allow sending of notifications
    • Allow submissions of data to this organisation
    • Allow sending of SMS messages (in notifications)
    • Set the default time zone for the organisation. Ususally time zone is obtained from a user’s browser settings. However where reports are generated automatically this information may not be availble and the time zone set here will be used.
    • Set the default language for the organisation. As for timezone normally the user’s language is used.