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Welcome to the Smap documentation

Smap Consulting (Smap) provides tools for a wide range of Applications including Evaluation, Monitoring, Guidance and Case Management.

The use of digital technologies for data collection has been shown to reduce costs, increase quality of the data and reduce the time between data collection and the application of the learning from that data. However, it is this last advantage, the reduction in time before learning can be applied, that has the potential to have the greatest impact on program outcomes. If you are using M&E collected data within a “Plan Do Check Action” cycle, or are applying Research and Learning, then using digital data collection can reduce this cycle time to days or even seconds supporting a completely new level of service. This is because the digital tools that collect data can also be used to implement the results of the learning, closing the loop, and increasing impact. The Smap tools have been designed for exactly this objective.