You can get to the application log page by selecting the "log" menu on the form management page. The last 10,000 log entries are shown is is not currently possible to view older entries.

The page allows you to search for text in the logs and to select an event type, user or survey to filter on.

Event Types

Event Types:
Event Comments
create Something has been created such as a survey or a user
create pdf Create a PDF from a data record
replace A survey was replaced
delete A survey, project or user was deleted
erase A survey and its data was erased
restore A deleted survey was restored
email Something to do with emails
email task An email task was sent or completed
error An error occurred
notification A notification was sent
organisation update An update was made to an organisation details
rekognition A request was made to AWS rekognition
transcribe A request was made to AWS transcribe
transcribe_medical A request was made to AWS transcribe medical
translate A request was made to AWS translate
reminder A reminder was sent
mailout A mailout email was sent
view Data was viewed
generate report view Data was viewed in a report
dashboard view View data from the analysis dashboard
user activity view View user activity data
user location view View user location data
move organisation An organisation was moved to a different enterprise
move project A project was moved to a different organisation
reject task A task was rejected
optin A user opted in to email notifications
expired Something expired
project Some project related event
role Some role related event
limit A limit was exceeded
API CSV view Data was viewed by downloading a CSV file
API view Data was viewed in JSON format using the API
API audit view View audit data using the API
API single record view View a single record of data using the API
Mapbox Request Request a static map from Mapbox
submissions Submission of data
anonymous submissions Submission of data from an anonymous webform link
task submissions Submission of results from a task