Simple Questions

Most questions only require an entry in the type, name and label columns of the "survey" sheet.


The exceptions are the select questions and the rank question which also require choices to be specified in the choices sheet. There are also some questions that require other columns to be completed in the "survey" sheet such as range, chart and parent_form.

To add a simple question you need to specify the question type, its name and its label. The label being the text that is shown to the data collector.

Simple Questions:
Question Type Answer Input Example Question Label
text Any text response What is the name of the Householder?
integer An integer (i.e. whole number) How many people live in this household?
decimal A number containing a decimal point What is the weight of the child in KG?
note Displays the label on the screen but does not allow an input This section is for mothers
date A date What is the child's date of birth?
time A time What time did the lesson start?
datetime Both a date and a time When did the meeting happen?
image Take a picture or upload an image that has already been taken Take a picture of the well
video Record a video Take a video of the damage
audio Record audio Record the story. Note audio recording use significantly less disk space than video.
geopoint A single GPS point Record the location
geotrace A line Record the path to the well
geoshape An area Record the area of the farm
range Select a number within a range How would you rate the project implementation from 1 to 10


Question names cannot have spaces. Refer to Question Names for guidance