Survey Appearances

Appearance Result Comments
field-list Questions appear on one screen Use on groups
table-list Questions appear as a grid Use on groups. All the questions in the group need to be select_one or all select_multiple and refer to the same list name
label Shows the labels only for a select question horizontally. You can use this to create your own table list within a field-list. You would then add additional select questions with the appearance “list-nolabel”.
list-nolabel Shows the question text for a select question and allows you to select a choice but it does not show the choice labels. Usually you would add the choice labels above using a question with appearance label
annotate Allows annotation of photographs Use with type of “image”
draw User draws an image with their finger Use with type of “image”
signature User signs with their finger Use with type of “image”
selfie The camera will be opened in selfie mode Use with type of “image”
no-calendar Shows the simple date selector rather than the calendar view Use with type of “date” and also with “date time”
month-year Allows only the month and year to be selected. Use with type of “date”
year Allows only the year to be selected Use with type of “date”
coptic Shows a Coptic calendar Use with type of “date”
ethiopian Shows an Ethiopian calendar Use with type of “date”
islamic Shows an Islamic calendar Use with type of “date”
bikram-sambat Shows a Nepali date widget Use with type of “date”
persian Shows a Persian calendar Use with type of “date”
placement-map Allows the user to select a location on a map Use with type of “geopoint”
quick On a select_one question as soon as you select the option the next question will be asked. It may be easy to enter the wrong value though Use with type of “select_one” but only if it will be obvious to the user that they have made the wrong choice and will need to swipe back. For example in cascading selects on location.

On a select_one, or select multiple question this will show the set of options as a “spinner”. That is on one line. When you click on the spinner it will expand to allow you to select the options.

Useful if you have multiple select questions in a group with appearance field-list.

Use with type of “select_one” or “select_multiple”.

Will show options as a grid. Checkboxes or radio buttons will still be shown unless the “no-buttons” appearance is also used.

Can be used with media files added to options to allow the user to select from a set of icons or images arranged in columns.

Use with type of “select_one” or “select_multiple”.
columns-1 columns-2 columns-3 etc As for columns with the addition that the number specifies the number of columns. Use when adding pictures to options.
no-buttons Will not show the checkbox or radio buttons with choices Use with select questions that have the “columns”, “columns-n” or “columns-pack” appearance

Will show options as a grid and also auto advance. Checkboxes or radio buttons will not be shown.

Can be used with media files added to options to allow the user to select from a compact set of icons.

Use with type of “select_one” or “select_multiple”.
quickcompact-1 quickcompact-2 quickcompact-3 etc As per the standard quickcompact appearances with the addition that you can specify the number of columns to use  
columns-pack Very similar to “columns” however the labels are packed in with minimal spacing Use with type of “select_one” or “select_multiple”.
horizontal-compact Shows choices in a select type question horizontally Only available for webforms
list Will show choices horizontally Use with type of “select_one” or “select_multiple”.
numbers Will show the numeric keyboard for a text question. This can be used to allow numbers longer than 10 digits to be entered. Use with text questions
thousands-sep A thousands separator will be added. The actual separator used will depend on the locale of the phone. Use on question types; integer, decimal and text with appearance of “numbers” to add a thousands separator.
likert Will show a select_one question as a likert scale Webforms only, not available in fieldTask. Instead for fieldTask you can use a range type question. These can also be used with Webforms.
rating Will allow the user to select from a series of stars. The number of stars available for selection is set by the “end” parameter in the range question. Use with range question.
vertical Makes a range appear vertically Use with range questions

Will open a url in the phone’s browser. The url to open is specified in the default column of the xlsForm.

Can be used to provide help if the user is online

Use with text questions. Put the URL in the “default” column

Will not add the data into the results database.

Allows you to collect sensitive data such as names that can be referenced while the data is being collected but are not then removed after the data is submitted.

new Will remove the “choose file” button from an image question Use on image and annotate questions.
read_nfc If the question type is “barcode” then the NFC reader will be opened  

A compass bearing will be recorded

fieldTask only

Use with questions of type decimal
autocomplete A search box will be added to select one and select multiple questions Use with select_one and select_multiple

Does not show the question in fieldTask.

This cannot be included with other appearance options.

This appearance is useful when you are using tasks and have generated a task that refers to previously collected data. You may want to use some of that data in calculations but otherwise not show it.

Shows a thermometer with a scale from 1-10 from which you can select values

Only works on webForms and not in fieldTask

Use with integer questions.