A Question in the Question Panel

A Question in the Question Panel


  1. Click on a type in the question type toolbar. This will add that type of question to the very end of the survey.
  2. Drag a question type from the question type tool bar over a blue add question button. This will place the new question where you drop it.
  3. Click on one of the blue add question bars. This will create a text type question at the location you clicked. You can then change the type of the question by clicking on the question type icon next to the question name


  • Change the type of a question (ie text, integer etc) by clicking on the question type button that is to the left of the question add dialog box will then be shown allowing you to select a new type. If data has been submitted to the survey since you added the question then there may be some restrictions on changing the type.
  • Change the name by editing its value directly. Note once data has been submitted for a question then editing the name will be disabled.
  • Change the Label by editing its value directly. The label will be changed for the currently selected language.
  • For select type questions edit the choices by clicking on the Edit Choice button.

Question Properties

The XLSForm editor (Editing in a Spreadsheet) has a large number of columns where you can specify the properties for a question such as relevance, appearance and constraints. By contrast the online editor allows you to select one of these columns at a time for editing. All the questions will then be shown on the screen with the value for the selected property visible.

Selecting Question Properties

Selecting Question Properties

The question properties can be selected from the menu at the top of the screen. Once a property has been selected it's name will appear in the menu bar. The default property is "Question Text" so that is what initially appears. Select "Question Text" to view and change a different property.

The available properties are:

Question Text - The label for the question
Question Hint
Media - Adding images, audio or video to the question
Constraint Message
Auto play
GPS Accuracy Threshold
Read Only
Display Name


Move a question by clicking on the light green background of the question. Holding the mouse down and then dragging the question over the top of one of the add new question buttons then releasing the mouse.


Delete by clicking on the Delete Button