1) Identify opportunities for digitalisation

An in-depth review of your operational processes focusing on where data is collected and where it is used. Recommendations will cover:

  • Additional points that can be digitised
  • Additional data that can be collected
  • More effective data collection and presentation techniques
  • Opportunities to use collected data to improve decision making and learning
  • Security and privacy

2) Training on tools for Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Online or on-site training in the use of Mobile Data Collection tools in your organisation. The outcome of the training should be that your staff have the skills to create forms, manage the data collection process and analyse the results. Topics can include:

  • Survey Creation
  • Quality Management
  • Administration of a Survey
  • Analysis
  • GIS
  • Guidance
  • Case Management

3) IT support

We can provide the IT server support for your mobile data collection so that you only need to purchase phones / tablets and get them an Internet connection. Included services are:

  • Hosting of a server
  • Backup and restore
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Problem Resolution
  • Application Support (That is updates to the application)
  • A help desk to answer questions and respond to issues

4) Technical Solutions

We will work with your team to implement custom transformative IT solutions. These will be implemented using Mobile Data Collection Forms that are linked together to create a system without requiring code. This means you can maintain the resulting systems yourselves. Example applications might include:

  • Mobile Workforce Assistants
  • Accountability and Feedback Systems
  • Case Management Systems