Source Code

FieldTask Source.

In the "Readme" of that repository you will also find links to related repositories such as the ones that contain the server code

Sample mbtiles

These tiles can be used as offline maps. Both raster and vector tile formats are supported. More specifically the format of the map data can be; pbf, mvt, jpg or png.

With version 6.31 of fieldTask, (Version 1.23.3 of Collect) the tiles file with extension mbtiles should be placed directly in /sdcard/fieldTask/layers.

Sample mbtiles files

Note previously the supported offline tiles format was "webp" and the sample tiles I provided of the Baynihan centre were in this format. However this format is no longer supported presumably because it is from google and fieldTask/Collect now uses Mapbox as the map API. The Task map that shows the location of tasks still uses the google maps API so we have removed the option of using offline maps there for the moment. Let us know if adding offline maps back into the task view is a requirement.

Other Documents

Description of an Education Management System implemented on Smap

Paper on the advantages of using mobile phones for data collection compared to using paper. Written by USAID

Conflict Management and Access to Justice in Rural Vanuatu. Published July 2016. Smap was used for the data collection.

This presentation by EzPilot was given at the 2016 Nomad workshop in Amman. EzPilot are a Smap partner and their presentation has lots of information about Smap Consulting.

This youTube channel by Forest Compass has a series of videos showing how to use Smap for forest monitoring.

The following presentation was given at the 7th International AfrEA conference in Cameroon. It describes how mobile phones can assist the linking of data on activities collected during community monitoring back to the bigger picture which might be described using, for example, Theory of Change. Isaiah has kindly made a copy of his presentation available. Technology Enabled Monitoring and Evaluation - Isaiah Nzima - 7th AfrEA conference

Overview of Smap Consulting