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Smap Consulting was founded in June 2007 as an ad-hoc collaboration between software developers at IBM with the objective of “Improving the quality and quantity of public data in developing countries, specifically map data available on mobile phones”. Our first project was to load maps of roads in Southern Sudan into Openstreetmap from data supplied by the UN JLC and Mikel Maron.

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In 2008 we began working with World Vision on data collection using mobile phones and this became our primary focus.

In 2011 Smap Consulting was launched to deliver technical solutions to the not for profit sector using mobile phones and GIS. In that year we also switched to using Android phones instead of J2ME.

We now support customers all over the world and millions of surveys have been submitted to our hosted servers.

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email: neilpenman@smap.com.au

Twitter: @dgmsot

Blog: http://blog.smap.com.au

Phone: +61 402 975 959

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