Provide copies of answers to email respondent


If you send a mailout with a survey or you send an email task to a recipient then you may want the recipient to get a copy of the answers that they gave for their own records.


Add to your survey a select multiple question with a single option: "Get a copy of the completed questionnaire".

Create a notification for the survey

  1. Set the trigger to "Submission"
  2. Set the target to "Email"
  3. Specify a filter: ${confirm_copy} = 'yes'
  4. Specify a PDF attachment
  5. In the Email Meta Item drop down select "Submitter".
  6. Optionally specify some text for the email subject or content

So assuming that the name of the question that asks the user if they want a copy is "confirm_copy" and the value of the choice is "yes" then a copy of the answers should be sent to any respondent who selects that option.

Setting up a notification to send a copy of submitted results back to the submitter

Notification Dialog