This API is based on version 1 of the Kobo API with some significant extensions.

To use the examples you will need to enter a user id and password. However if you are already logged on to the server you should see your own data.

  • user: api
  • password: api


This API gives you access to data that has been submitted to the server

Service Format Description Version Example
/api/v1/data JSON Get a list of the services that retrieve form data 15.12+
/api/v1/data/{survey ident} JSON Get submitted data from a form. Replace {survey ident} with the survey ident which can be found in the list of services. 15.12+
/api/v1/data.csv CSV Get a list of services to retrieve form data 15.12+
/api/v1/data.csv/{survey ident} CSV Get submitted data from the specified form in a CSV file. 15.12+

Parameter Description Version Example
start Retrieve data starting from the specified primary key 15.12+
limit The number of records to retrieve 15.12+
form Retrieve data for a subform. The available forms will be shown when you call /api/v1/data. This call will return the key for the parent form (parkey) so that its data can be combined with that of the main form 17.06+
start_parkey Parent key to start from. Only useful when working with subform data. 17.06+
parkey Use to get a data in a subform that is part of a single record from a parent form. 17.06+
bad Set to "yes" to include records marked as bad in the results. Set to "only" to only return records marked as bad. The default is "none" which will exclude records marked as bad. These include records that have been replaced by editing of the original data. 17.06+
filename CSV only. If not set the default name is (forms.csv when retrieving the list of services) 17.06+
audit Set to "yes" to include audit data. This data is the time in milliseconds that the user took to answer each question. You can also specify in the settings for the form that the GPS coordinates where each question was answered should be included. There is a thid level of audit where every change made to a question during the course of an interview is recorded. This information is available through the separate audit API. 17.07+
merge_select_multiple Set to "yes" to combine all the selected choices for a select multiple into a single column / Json text property. This parameter only applies to surveys created after version 18.03 which use the compressed format for storing select answers 18.04+
geojson Set to "yes" for the data to be returned in geoJson format rather than the kobo api format. 18.07+
links If set to "true", when getting the data as JSON, then links to additional services that return alternate views of the data are included in the output. For example a link to get the data as a PDF or edit in a webform. 18.07+

Single Record

This API returns data for a single record in a survey

Service Format Description Version Example
/api/v1/data/{survey ident}/{instance key} JSON Get data for the specified instance 15.12+