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Technical Solutions for Development Organisations

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Digital Transformation

Smap Consulting assists not for profit and development organisations to dramatically increase the effectiveness of their service delivery while reducing costs. We do this by helping to implement technical solutions that allow their delivery teams to make informed decisions, and more appropriate interventions, in “real time” based on data.

Too often the implementation of the "Resolution" and "Learning" aspects of MERL are slow, costly and applied only partially in an organisation. This is particularly the case where there is high turnover of staff or supervision is difficult due to remote work locations.

The solutions we provide address this problem by (1) implementing "Workforce Assistants" to put the knowledge gained from M&E at the finger tips of all workers in your organisation; (2) applying learning to the coordination of actions in a program of work using "Case Management" and (3) collecting substantially more data than M&E alone by instrumenting operational activities leading to more Learning and better outcomes


We use GIS, Mobile Data Collection, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud solutions to create transformative solutions for our customers.

the technology used should not constrain an organisation's flexibility to innovate and scale up a solution to increase its impact. Hence we use open source and our own technology that is available without any fees or licensing constraints.

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