Mobile Device Settings

Many settings on mobile devices can be managed centrally from the server. These device settings are set for an Organisation hence they will apply to all devices that connect using a user account in the organisation. To get the settings down on to a mobile device the user has to press the refresh button.

Mobile Device Settings:
Setting values Description
Allow finalised forms to be opened for review yes or no If selected then the user will be able to review finalised surveys while still on the phone and add comments. They will not be able to change the answers to any questions.
Automatically Synchronise set on phone, off, wifi or wifi and cellular If set to WIFI then when the mobile device is connected to a WIFI network any completed surveys will automatically be sent. In addition if there are any changes to forms or tasks then these will be automatically downloaded. set on phone means that this setting can be applied on the phone.
Delete submitted results from the phone on, off or set on phone From a security perspective it is a good idea to delete survey data from the phone after it has been submitted to the server. I would recommend that this option be set to on. If you are really worried about losing data then you can set this to off and manually delete the completed instances when you are satisfied that they have been processed.
Backward Navigation set on phone, disable, enable By default the enumerator can swipe backwards to change a previously entered value. This can be disabled here.
Screen Navigation set on phone, horizontal swipes, buttons, swipes and buttons. By default the enumerator will swipe to the right to go to the next question. However you can change this to forward and backward buttons or a combination of the two.
Maximum pixels of the long edige of an image A number This is a very useful setting to reduce the size of images that have to be sent over the network and stored on the server. The image will be scaled according to this setting so if your image on the phone is 2,000 pixels by 1,000 pixels and you set a value here of 500 then the submitted image will be 500 pixels by 250 pixels.
Password Policy

Set to:

  • Never require logon
  • Require logon on application start
  • Require logon periodically.

By default the enumerator never has to logon to the device. In this case as long as valid credentials have been set then they can continue to use the device without knowing what those are.

Alternatively you can specify that they have to logon in order to use the app when starting the app. This logon can happen offline as well as online.

If periodic logon is specified then you can specify the number of days between logons.

Maximum number of tasks to download A number If a user has been allocated hundreds of tasks you may not want to download all of them. This limits the number and is ordered by due date ascending.
Enable ODK style menus yes or no The recommended way to update the device is to use the refresh button. However if this is enabled then you can also use the ODK menus to “get a blank form”, “Fill a blank form” etc.
Enable ODK admin menu yes or no By default this is disabled. The ODK admin menu allows you to change the configuration of a device and then lock it down. Instead of using this it is recommended to use these server settings.
Allow user to set instance name yes or no By default the instance name is calculated automatically and cannot be changed by the user. However if this is set to yes then the user will be asked to confirm the instance name on finalisation of a survey.
Send location data on path of user yes or no This is being phased out and should not be used